Holiday Rushing – Hit Pause

Remember I mentioned that when it comes to holiday bustle, I want to take it down a notch this year?

Well, it’s going fairly well so far . . .

In fact, I can honestly say I’m hitting the old “pause button” much more often than in the past.

Sure, I still have moments when I feel nervous that Christmas is almost here . . . but suddenly it seems easier to rationalize that I’m in this for the joy – not the stress.


And nothing helps me take a deep relaxing breath quicker than making something! It truly is amazing how an hour of creativity can fortify me for several hours of gift shopping at the mall.

I found a couple of quick and easy ornaments to complete.

Here’s my take on Whiskers and Wool’s “Ringing in Christmas” ornament series.


And even in the final hours before Dec. 25th, there’s time for this quickie! Simply make a long crocheted chain, gather it into into loops, and add a bow!

Cute as can be to tie to a box of candy or bottle of spirits for an easy, yet very thoughtful, gift! 🙂

Whether you are crafting little “somethings” or just pausing for a cocoa-break, I hope you’re making it a point to stop and smell those evergreens!

‘Til next time,


A Purse to Crochet

Remember a while back when I made several flowers (here), including this one?

I figured it would eventually come in handy to jazz-up a project . . .

I think I found a good use for it! 🙂

When I mentioned that I had done some “quick crocheting” last week, it was this little purse to which I was referring.

The pattern (found here) is really well-written and works up in a flash, which makes it a great “tv time” project!


Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, and I would also include aunts, sisters, grandmothers, and friends on that list!

In my view, the true spirit of Mother’s Day is the celebration of the nurturing woman – whomever she may be! 😀

See you Monday, Kids!


It’s A Secret

If you are reading this and you are my eldest daughter

STOP reading right now!!!

Grab that mouse and click to another page!

I’m going to be talking about a surprise that’s on the way to you. 🙂


Is she gone? 😉

Ok, good!

You may remember that my daughter lives with her husband in Europe and that she LOVES the Easter “Peeps”. (There’s a funny story about our efforts to send her some last Easter. You can find it here.)

This year, I found a new way to celebrate her fondness for peeps – I made her an Easter card.


Notice the little rubber stamp in the top right of this photo? When I saw that stamp, I just had to buy it.

Here is my “peeps” card! It’s fairly small – about 4″ x 5″. To make the envelope, I took apart an old white one, and then used it as a template for the striped paper.

I don’t think she’ll mind if I show you the inside . . .

(Tulips are her favorite flower!)

Gosh, it was fun to do.

I must try to find the time to play with paper more often!



Hearts and Flowers

I‘m having such fun with these flowers! Here is the “bright pink” one I mentioned yesterday (It looks coral on my screen – but it’s pink!).

You can see in the photo below that the pink one is a smaller size. Eventually, I want to make several sizes, using different types of fabrics. 🙂

Maybe it’s the shorter hours of daylight but, lately, I just want to curl up with a quick project after dinner. Here’s my whimsical little crocheted posy!

And finally, I finished a few crocheted hearts. It’s probably too late to use them on Valentine cards for *this* year, but I’ll think of something to do with them.


Wishing you a weekend with the perfect mix of things you have to do and things you want to do! 😀



Winter Blossom

Ok, so temperatures are hovering near the zero degree mark not only here in New England, but in many parts of the country. And there’s record snowfall, too . . .

If you look very closely though, you can still spot a flower.


I’m not kidding!



Here’s a project anyone can create. C’mon now, no arguing! If you can cut out a circle and sew on a button – you can make this pretty blossom! 😀

I chose a soft blue plaid fleece for mine – so adorable! I can imagine this pinned to a scarf, or a hat, or if made in a smaller size – attached to a napkin ring!

I’ll attach a link to the youtube tutorial (here). Don’t be frightened by the fact that the video mentions using a sizzix machine to cut out your circles. Scissors can cut out circles, too.

You know, just the way we CAN write a letter on paper . . . we don’t HAVE to email it. 😉


If anyone’s looking for me – I’ll be working on a bright pink one next!