Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

If you’re a lady who wears her hair long, you probably don’t spend much time looking for a good haircut. Lucky you!

I used to be in your position many years ago. I could simply ask my husband to take an inch or so off of my length now and then. After all, it was just to trim any ragged ends. Then one day (I think it was during a summer heat wave!), I decided that I wanted a short style.


I went to the salon and came home pleased with the novelty of hair that would dry in minutes. It was quick to style, too – I could just jump out of the shower, give it a quick towel-dry, run my fingers through it a little, and done!

hairbrushesI didn’t realize that I might be saying goodbye to long hair forever though. The thing is, once your hair is short, it’s not easy to have it long again – mainly because living through that “grow-out” stage is almost impossible!!! A couple of months after a haircut, the layers that looked great when your hair was short, begin to look scraggly and they’re hanging in your eyes. You find yourself trimming the front just to be able to see! After several more weeks of suffering with a series of bad hair days, you’ll finally give up, dial the hair salon, and whimper something about not being able to take it another minute! You’ll get it cut short again and be locked into the cycle once more. You’ll try to grow it out, but give up before it ever gets close.

shampoo1 It’s ok though! Short styles can be cute, IF you can find a good cut, that is. In our area, hair stylists are nomads. They never stay planted in one salon for any length of time. Just when I have someone that knows what I’d like and does a great job on my hair, she’s gone – vanished! One day I’ll call for an appointment and be told:

“Oh I’m very sorry, she’s no longer working here!”

Then I begin what I call the “trial and error phase”. Usually it will take a few so-so haircuts with a couple of different people, before I am able to find a new favorite stylist. It’s such a relief when I eventually do, though! I feel on top of the world and full of hope that I’ll be getting great haircuts from then on!!!

hairdryerBut, several months later, when I call for another appointment . . .

You guessed it!

“She’s no longer with us.”

The salon never wants to say where these stylists have gone. They simply want to assure me that they still have a whole bunch of people who are every bit as good as my favorite who has flown the coop. < Sigh >

The moral of this story?
Keep your hair long if at all possible!

There are fewer haircuts.
No awkward growing out phases.
No need to constantly search for a new stylist!

hairdressingscissors Anyway, last Saturday, I had my hair cut. New stylist. I love it! I’d be so happy if she would stay long enough for me to get a few more haircuts. Please cross your fingers for me; won’t you? 😉



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  1. Oh, you’re lucky to find a stylist you like. I have yet to find one that I like. and just continue to search.

  2. OMG you got this post right.

    I have been wearing my hair about 1 /2 way down my back cut in a variation of the old Gypsy Shag. Wash, Scrunch with Aussie and go!


    Well, she was old enough to remember HOW to cut a Gypsy Shag so you guessed it. She retired and moved South.

    Well, I was smart enough not to get a cut shorter than shoulder length this time with a new “stylist”. I AM going to just keep trimming the ends until it gets longer. Look at all the $$ I am saving. THEN, when it gets just about as long as I want it, I will have to find someone that knows how to cut layers.

    In the mean time, I am thankful that someone invented hairclips, banana clips and anyother clip to keep my hair on top of my head and not hanging down in what I now call a pain in the a**.

  3. I know what you mean about hairstylists ! Even when I try to explain a cut that I had before to a new stylist it is never the same!

  4. Well, I think I’m a little strange in this question… I use to wear my hair long and then cut it from very long to too short… (even I use my hubby’s machine!!!!!). I never like my hair style… when it’s long I don’t know how brush it and I only like it when I go to the hairdresser…. Short is easier, but I look like a boy!!!!!! (I’m very thin and straight…).

    Hairdressers are nomad???? This is so strange!!!!

    Crystal says: Many hairdressers have told me that they move to new salons a lot – because they are looking for better working conditions.

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