Friday Favorites – Memories!

This week’s Friday Favorites features either a “blast from the past”, or an ancient history lesson, depending on how old you are!

Here are the original customer loyalty cards.


S&H Green Stamps were given to customers by grocery stores and gas stations to encourage repeat business. They were collected, pasted in books, and could eventually be traded for a wide selection of merchandise, depending on how many stamps you were redeeming. Families enthusiastically poured over glossy catalogs in search of the perfect prize. Once a selection was made, it could easily be retrieved at a local redemption center.

washer An automatic washer!
OK, semi-automatic. I can remember my mother having to feed each article of clothing through that scary-looking wringer. We had heard tales of women who had caught their hands in it! The clothes were pretty well wrung out after the laborious process, but it was definitely a slosh-y mess while it was going on. Next stop, the clothesline – nobody had a dryer.

It’s a wonder that we have any teeth!


This is a paper chain made with gum wrappers – LOTS of gum wrappers. Kids had a ball making these. It was a challenge to see who could make the longest chain! Some of us also made belts, purses, and even hats! Of course this was before sugar-free gum. We were blissfully unaware that future dentists would be cringing at the thought of kids chewing as much gum as possible in a race to lengthen their paper chains. It sure was fun to make them, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

A little out of season, but my favorite of the bunch!


There was nothing more magical than to lounge on the floor in the semi-darkness, and watch the revolving color wheel as it cast a rainbow of colors on the sparkling silver tree!
Talk about high tech!! lol

Happy Spring, Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

See you Monday with the new questions!



Friday Favorites – Memories! — 8 Comments

  1. You actually LIKED the aluminum tree?

    No one ever talks about this memory. We used to purchase stamps in school. When you filled the page, you were awarded a Savings Bond. I don’t know if they still sell bonds. They should. They always made a convenient gift!

  2. Oh yes, Carol!

    The year that aluminum tree came out, we were mesmerized by how “space-age” it seemed – almost like something the Jetsons would have!

    It’s funny how tacky it looks now – but then it was Faaaabulous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I hate to say it, but I remember S&H Green Stamps, old washing machines and the white/silver Christmas trees! What a flashback!!
    Thanks for posting those!

  4. I made miles of those gum-wrapper chains. And I had to beg for the wrappers as I had braces and wasn’t allowed to chew gum!

  5. This post really made me laugh. I remember ALL of them, especially the aluminum tree with the revolving color wheel! My mom never had one of those wringer washers, but my grandmother did and I would watch her use it when I visited every summer.

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